Move over Cupid…you have some serious competition. February is “Eye Love You” month and if you’re looking for a little “Je ne sais quoi” to charm that special someone, Edris Salon invites you to check out our resident Cupid in charge of putting the eyes in “I love you” this Valentine’s Day. He’s Quinntin –the fab makeup artist who’s just joined our amazing crew at Edris.

Edris is smitten by Quinntin’s good looks and even more impressed with his professional credentials–apparently so were Bobby Brown and Bergdorf Goodman. That’s right; Quinntin was Bobby’s “first”–Executive Director of Global Artistry—, and BG’s Beauty Expert for 10 years! And for the record–, Quinntin doesn’t kiss and tell, but you should know that “Ask Quinntin” had a full-page highlight in every issue of BG’s seasonal fashion magazine while they were together.

That was then….Edris has him now!

So what does our cupid say is a must when you look into the magic mirror this Valentine’s Day? “It’s the eyes ladies. The eyes say it for you when it comes to I Love You. Stay away from two- faced lovers! Instead, go for two-faced gel eyeliners! They stay true to color and every woman needs one that goes on easy and stays where it’s put!”

When it comes to terrific color, Quinntin says —“Stick with the classic mascaras. Benefit, Givenchy, YSL and Dior are the only acceptable standards.” And–if you’re looking for shadows with “a superb range of intense colors—there’s nothing like the Nars line.” Stop by and “Ask Quinntin” He, along with our marvelous staff of style and colorists will help you put together a look that says I love you this Valentine’s Day and every day!

Til next time and remember–Eye Love You!