As 2015 draws to an end, I reflect on all that has passed so that I can begin to move forward and refresh the air and energy that surrounds me. I take stock of everything that has occurred within the year and remind myself that humility, trust, friendships, humanity, dedication, professionalism, mentoring and respect are the virtues and lessons that I hold at the apex of my life. This year, I along with my staff at EDRIS Salon, had our trust and loyalty in humanity rocked several times. But our humility and professionalism was steadfast. With a sense of collective lightness, our respect for each other only strengthened the bonds we have built over the years. After enduring the trials we were given, our aura has been cleansed. To us, 2016 seems filled with more clarity, brightness, reenergized creativity, and a collective collaborative spirit as a team. My message to you is this, letting go is the hardest part of our darkest spaces but allowing yourself to feel light enables us all to glow and achieve.

A heart felt thank you to all of our clients and friends who step into the salon, or to those cheering us on the sidelines. Your continuous support is invaluable. Without your hair and your trust we are nothing! My wish for you all is happiness and safety whilst creating deep rooted friendships with tons of love!

Peace and love xo.