Our scalp and hair is very sensitive to the environment. The methods we use to stay warm and dry ourselves can create havoc this time of year. Often heaters, hats and hot showers are the culprits and we should not deny our body, scalp and hair the moisture it craves.


Fight the Dry – use caution with heat!
Equally applicable with heat in our homes or from the direct heat we apply to our hair (blowdryers & flatirons). Keep your showers mild and avoid very hot water on the scalp. Keep your dryers and irons off their hottest setting when possible.

Use a humidifier, especially at night. The humidifier helps combat static electricity.

Reduce the Frequency
Everyday shampooing in the winter will strip moisture from the hair. Try to stretch your shampoos. For our gym ladies, wipe the scalp after working out with “Thayer’s Witch Hazel”. The product comes in various botanicals; Rose water(an amazing fragrance for the hair), Cucumber (for its cooling effects), and Aloe Vera (for its soothing properties).

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!
To increase moisture on dry hair, add a light moisturizing conditioner before shampooing. We love Aestalance’s Deep-sea Mud. It is incredibly moisturizing, and it is very soothing on a dry scalp.

The need to clean – the REAL dry shampoo.
For flaky and oily scalps or product build-up, try dry shampooing. Add your normal shampoo (it should be gentle) directly to scalp, and apply section by section BEFORE wetting the hair. This will help lift buildup and debris from the scalp.

Fight the static
Diffuse static electricity from over blow drying hair with a fabric softener sheet (yes, really!). You may also apply a thin layer of anti static product to the hair (SHU UEMERA Satin Design or Oil Absolu). Many of these products are made in travel size to fit in your purse. Throughout the day, add a spritz to keep static at bay and deodorize your hair.

Silk & Wool
A silk pillow will help with bed hair. Refrain from using wool-it sucks the moisture right out! Avoid any wool hats unless they have a silk lining, or use your favorite silk scarf..

The team at EDRIS Salon is available to evaluate your hair type, and create the ideal regimen for your hair. We are here to help!