The Met Gala is considered the Oscars of the fashion world!

The grand stage for hollywood celebrities, models and a light dusting of music personality (mainly Anna Wintour’s favorite) mingle with the fashion world.

Last night was different than most – They were not doing a review on a fashion designer where everyone chose / borrowed an outfit, it was a focus on a culture and a era. FROM PUNK TO CHOAS – the idea was to reflect on ‘punks’ influence on fashion today.

When the ideas of PUNK comes to mind usually images of Malcolm McClaren, Vivienne Westwood, Soo Catwoman, and Zandra Rhodes are foremost. Faded memories of sweaty studded nights and the sting of melting black eyeliner, we here at Edris Salon waited with anticipation for some dangerously attired arrivals on the Met carpet. Instead, what we got were too many celebrities that are far too terrified of ending up on the worst dressed list. Many in attendance clearly missed the mark with the nights theme!

In lieu of giving us anarchy and thought provoking, we were instead greeted with lukewarm and meek. However, not all was lost. There were a few amazing standouts that got it, and got it great. So in the spirit of Soiuxie Siox….let’s keep things darkly positive.


Madonna: For completely committing to the nights theme, and showing the young girls “Mama can crush the red carpet!”.
Vivienne Westwood: For being the Queen of punk. Although shame on William Norwich for rudely cutting her off mid-sentence in her interview.
Sarah Jessica Parker: For bringing typical fabulous SJPness.
Zandra Rhodes: For being the High Priestess
Miley Cyrus: For stepping out of her box, and becoming someone to watch
Honorable Mention – January Jones: For hair and make-up


To all the others, there’s always next year for fearless fabulousness. C’mon girls… in the grand scheme of things it’s only clothes after all!