To help you through the last and hottest weeks of summer we asked our staff for their product must-haves and tips on how to use them.

EDRIS: August the hottest and most humid month in NYC but don’t fear we have the product that fights humidity and prevents frizz-prone hair. Oribe’s IMPERMEABLE is a must-have product and it absolutely WORKS!!! No matter your hair texture; straight, wavy, curly or kinky, Impermeable will keep frizz at bay!

A great way to use impermeable spray (and to ensure a fortress around your just blown out hair) is to spray each section lightly before using your flat iron. This will lock in the product for an extra layer of protection and battle frizz even in the most humid dog days of summer. There’s nothing like having certainty and confidence in your tresses.

It’s a great alternative to hairspray and I use it through out the summer as my go-to finishing product.


ALEXIS: I, for one am not a person who likes the feeling of product build-up on my hair. The less product, the better. When using products on others, I also like to go by the same motto. One of my favorite products to use is the Shu Uemura, Satin Design. Satin Design quenches the hair thirst, provides sun protection, provides heat protection, and doesn’t leave a film. This product can also be used on damp or dry hair.

When used on damp hair, I like to cocktail it with Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Oil if the hair needs extra moisture. When using the two products, I like to use a ratio of 2:1. I commonly pump more of the Satin Design than the Essence Absolue oil when combining the two. The foundation of the Satin Design gives the hair a nice soft touch and natural shine. For application on dry hair, I use a tiny drop and rub it into my hands to run through the hair. This method is best needed if the hair has a bit of static or frizz, it is not necessary otherwise. Any hair type or texture can benefit from using either product.

SCOTT: I like the Gel Serum by ORIBE because it gives good lift support and shapes well to the size of the round brush you use. This product can be used for all hair types, but I especially like to use it on hair that has a curl or coarseness to it that tends to go to straight when blown out.

For hair that is overly porous on the ends or has uneven porosity, I can mix the Super Shine Light Moisturizing Cream also from ORIBE to help even the porosity allowing the gel serum to distribute evenly on the hair. The gel serum can be applied on wet hair at the roots only for lift or throughout the whole hair to create hold and support.


JOSH: My seasonal favorite this spring is the ORIBE Super Shine Moisturizing Cream. I especially like it because of its versatility. It can be used in damp hair and then left to air-dry, or it can be used if blow-drying is the preferred method. This product is great at giving hair shine without the greasy effect that some shine products have. I know many customers really enjoy having a finished look but equally enjoy being able to walk out with damp hair in the hot summer months. I feel it performs well by itself and doesn’t need to be mixed with anything but water! My second favorite is product would be Lustre spray by Aestelance. This product is the perfect product for finishing touches on already styled hair! The formula is light in weight, and you don’t have to worry abut working it into the hair if it is styled and you would rather not have to manipulate is any further.

Whether your refreshing your style or looking for a more polished look, this is the product to choose. Luster can also applied to wet hair and pulled into a high bun or pony for those sunny days at the beach, and no worries because the Camellia oil in the product naturally protects from harmful color strip ing rays! Try it on natural curly styles to give the kind of luster that only can be found in 1970s hair commercials!