It’s big, bold and back in style.

The Afro — that high hairstyle that conjures images of psychedelic swirls and flower-printed bell-bottoms — is making its case for the current decade.

Stars like Solange Knowles, Questlove and comedian Reggie Watts all rock famous ’fros. And a new book is entirely dedicated to the ’do. The timing makes sense.

Natural hair is a perfect fit for a generation that shuns Styrofoam and loves composting, hybrid cars and eco-friendly yoga clothes.

“The more they do it, the more people will follow,” says celebrity hairstylist Edris Nicholls, owner of Edris Salon, which recently moved to its new location at 35 W. 20th St.

“I love [Solange’s] hair,” she says of Beyoncé’s fashion-savvy little sis. “For me, she’s much more attractive with her hair in an Afro than with extensions or braids.”

At Edris Salon, fewer customers are opting for chemical-laden straightening treatments and hair-breaking extensions. “Women are becoming more comfortable with their hair textures,” Nicholls says. “The styles today are freer. They’re cutting it off and trying to fall in love with their hair again.” And, it’s easier!

“Natural short hair or Afros can be maintained with an easy wash and wear,” Nicholls says. “Black women and men are getting tired of relaxers and weaves that over time leave devastating effects on scalps and retardation of hair growth. Plus, the cost of getting these services done is extremely expensive.”

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